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Special Events.



Launch of the event "Innover A la Maison".

With the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Western Switzerland, we have conceived and managed a special event for the last day of class of a Master in Advanced Studies in Quality and Management.

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“Great innovative talks, with very competent speakers. 

The collective work was really enriching.

The results are excellent” - from a participant

What we DID. 

  • Web design
  • Visual identity
  • Corporate branding
  • Digital advertising
  • Theme conceptualization
  • Selection of partners and sponsors
  • Selection and coaching of speakers
  • Organization of a collective work with participants: writing together an article on the theme of the event for a local magazine


  • Media coverage
  • Publication of the collectively written article in a local magazine
  • One day workshop 

Partners (selection)

University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Western Switzerland, Master of Advanced Studies Quality & Strategic Management, Neurhone: connecteur d'idées (non-profit organization), Valais Valeur Ajoutée (Magazine)