Mixing Science & Pleasure

Scientific Cafés


Our team has been involved in organizing Scientific Cafés events in Sion, Switzerland. The goal of these events is to invite scientists to share their work in laymen's terms with the local community. 


Media coverage 

What we Did. 

  • Team building and management

  • Venue selection and preparation

  • Speakers selection

  • Program crafting

  • Branding, promotions, communication

  • Digital advertising

  • Online communication

  • Fundraising, finding sponsors and partners


  • Media coverage

  • Excellent talks from scientists

  • Event attendance of 50+ people

  • Diverse speakers and themes

Partners (selection)

Science et cité, Bourgeoisie de Sion, Vins Varone, Car Postal, Energy Polis, Énergies Sion région, La Liseuse, EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Themes (selection)

Green chemistry, Hydropower, Bio-health, Mobility, Tourism, Bioethics, Earthquakes, Serious Games, Machine learning

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