Renaud Vuignier

Renaud Vuignier



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Business and innovation

Dr. RENAUD VUIGNIER, PhD has seven years of professional experience in Switzerland and abroad, in academia (research, teaching, consulting), for international organizations, as well as for the Swiss government, with a focus on policy analysis and strategic thinking.

Policy, Research & Innovation

With the completion of his PhD at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP), he acquired a strong expertise on economic policies and government affairs. He analyzed international corporate decision-making of CEO from various sectors that decided to locate in Switzerland, as well as the development of innovation ecosystems and regional clusters, in Switzerland, as well as in Canada and Colombia. He published in various journals, such as Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, and taught for different programs. He was for example in charge of courses on management, place marketing and public policy for an executive Master in Public Administration (MPA).

In his last position at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Swiss Confederation, he was responsible for the national strategy regarding Regional innovation systems (RIS) and delegate for Switzerland in the OECD Regional Development Policy Committee. He developed sound knowledge of economic development and investment promotion in general, and knows well the Swiss innovation and R&D policy in particular.

Think Tank foraus

Renaud is an active member of the Swiss grassroots think tank on foreign policy foraus. He joined the association in 2010. Since 2018, he is co-head of the "Financial Hubs" program (Finanzplatz / Place Financière). This thematic group covers aspects of Swiss and international economic and financial policies in the broad sense. Sustainable finance is a key topic, as well as FinTech and trade issues. 


Renaud is now based in Beijing, China. He remains mobile and is involved in different projects internationally. He took part in the last symposium of the foundation "stars - for leaders of the next generation" ( He is open for new opportunities, be it for exchanging innovative ideas, teaching, researching or conducting consultancy mandates. His fields of interest and expertise include various topics (public management, public marketing, attractiveness, place branding, economic development, innovation policy, trade) and he is ready to explore new avenues.