Experimenting with cultural data at the Swiss open data hackathon in Sion

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 6.25.36 AM.png

Sept 6-8th, members of our team have participated in the 5th Open Cultural Data Hackathon at the brand new cultural center Les Arsenaux in Sion, Switzerland.

During these three days, we were given the opportunity to experiment with cultural data from the State archives of the Canton Valais and other collections.

The team we were part of built the “Time Gazer” prototype: a time-travel photo booth enabling you to send greetings from historical postcards. Based on the “Postcards from Valais (1890 - 1950)” dataset, consisting of nearly 4000 historic postcards of Valais, we create a prototype for a mixed-reality photo booth. In this photo booth, you can choose a historic postcard as a background and a person will be style-transferred virtually onto the postcard, experimenting with new technology.

Video summary of the prototype

Selected photos of the event

Selected historical postcards (dataset for the prototype)

All pictures are from Postcards from Valais (1890-1950), Musées cantonaux du Valais – Musée d’histoire, used under CC BY