Launch of the platform: PINTS N' PITCHES


We are delighted to launch the new platform PINTS Nโ€™ PITCHES


A global movement empowering you to brew your business ideas

๐Ÿ’ก Share your ideas
๐Ÿบ Have a drink
๐Ÿ’ผ Transform your ideas into a business

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PINTS Nโ€™ PITCHES is a global movement that cultivates an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.

Local communities meet on a regular basis to present and share innovative and business ideas. The goal of this movement is to be intentional about sharing potential business ideas. As entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs, we believe in leveraging our collective intelligence to evaluate the possibilities of transforming ideas into successful services, products, or projects.

Why we did it?

  1. To enable the brewing of ideas into tangible projects

  2. To create a space for entrepreneurs to receive feedback early-on, avoiding potential setbacks and pitfalls

  3. To create a safe space for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs to share their ideas publicly, helping them clarify and articulate their thoughts