Conexkt wrote the feasibility study for the "Sion Time Machine"


In 2018, the State of Valais in Switzerland contacted Conexkt to analyse and evaluate the feasibly of developing a digital "Time Machine" for the municipality of Sion, Switzerland.

“The Time Machine Project joins Europe’s rich past with the future of digital breakthroughs, creating a living resource that allows you to travel not only through space, but through time.”(1)

We are delighted to see that the State Archives of the Canton of Valais has now become a key partner of the European Time Machine and that the project is underway.

A prototype is to be presented on October 2, 2019, during the “Day of culture” at the “Foire du Valais”. The theme of the event is: “Digital Humanities and Culture”.

Example of the “Venice Time Machine”.
The State Archives of Venice contain records stretching back over a thousand years. The vast collection of maps, images and other documents provide an incredibly detailed look into Venetian history. This could be used to create a kind of virtual time machine for historians and the public to explore the city.