Publication of a merger report for two swiss municipalities


The merger report of the two swiss municipalities of Collonges and Saint-Maurice just got published. The document provides a detailed portrait of the two municipalities, while suggesting ways to unite their various services. Our team of Conexkters helped with the process, together with the Fuzio Group, and are delighted to continue strengthening the two municipalities in their merger project.

The result of this report is based on interviews and discussions together with a steering committee and with the populations concerned. The municipalities of Collonges and Saint-Maurice have involved citizens in the discussions. Two consultation were organized. The results of this participatory approach were integrated into the drafting of the report.

The merger report is now online on the website, which was built and updated by our team. On the website, you will also find the press release and newspaper articles. The merger contract will now be submitted to a popular vote on 24 November 2019.

Johann Roduit