Supporting municipalities in their merger process to build stronger local communities.

Client Location: Valais, Switzerland
Industry: Government, municipalities
Client since: June 2018

The Challenge 

The local municipalities are at the root of the Swiss political system. Based mostly on a voluntary commitment from elected officials, their tasks is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. In this context, mergers of municipalities, by pooling resources, often appear to be a solution. However, it requires special skills to ensure their success.

The outcome 

A service created by Conexkt, Fuzio offers integrated support to municipalities before, during and after the merger process. Participatory approaches, drafting of the merger report, communication campaign, consulting: Fuzio brings together expertise from all horizons and makes it available to the municipalities according to their needs.

The impact 

In this way, Conexkt contributes to building strong local communities and participates to the development of a vibrant direct democracy.